Lire vos pages Web sur votre Kindle

Send to Kindle extension for Google Chrome saves articles to your Kindle

Kindle owners who would rather read web articles on their Kindle devices than on a laptop screen are in luck: there’s now a Send to Kindle Chrome extension. With a little bit of setup, you can pass articles to your Kindle over Wi-Fi or Amazon’s Whispernet with one click.

When you install Send to Kindle, you’ll see a setup screen where you’ll have to enter your Kindle’s registered email address. Then, jaunt over to your Kindle Management page at Amazon and add the extension’s email address — « » — to your list of approved senders.

Now the hard work is done. When you see an article you want to send to Kindle, you’ll just have to click Send to Kindle’s toolbar button, and it will be delivered immediately. If you have an older, pre-3rd-generation KIndle, just make sure that you’ve set some limits on 3G data transfer before you go too crazy racking up bandwidth charges from Amazon.

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