MyHomeopathy is an application of kind dictionary allowing to reference a set of practical and public information relative to homeopathy. It does not aim to cure you or to supply you a prescription but to enlarge your basic knowledge on the homeopathic medicine for the common diseases.
Homeopathy is more than a therapeutics but also a way of thinking that brings us closer to nature.
This dictionary provides an initiation to homeopathic terms.
It contains more than 300 referenced homeopathic remedies related to more than 200 symptoms.

Ergonomics full functionality and use of the Iphone. Fast in its grip and its use.

An action bar with all the management functions of your dictionary
– quickly create favorite reading.
– quick and complete search on Summary and Description fields. Search from words but also intuitive search from characters (intuitive search) plus case sensitive.
– Connection with the E-Mail application, sending of the homeopathic’s file content by email.

– more than 300 homeopathic remedies referenced (339).
– more than 200 symptoms referenced (219).
– customize option (alert message, scalable font, specification of an electronic mail address by default, display mode, display alphabetical index of access to records)
– instant access on line and off line.
– The ability to create its own « Favorites » to instantly find a file remedy or symptom file.
– portrait mode or landscape mode if necessary to obtain approval for additional reading

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– You can watch list of records Remedies and Symptoms by index A, B, C. ….. if you modify your application preferences.